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We are a vibrant and dynamic law firm focused on providing new perspectives in the search for legal solutions for our clients. Structured as a boutique firm in specialized services, our ideology lies in expanding the legal possibilities in accordance with the specific needs of our clientele.

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" I have used Mr. Elizondo’s legal advice and services for myself for the past 5 years and have recommended his services for all my clients in my real estate dealings. Alan is knowledgeable, efficient and completes all business in a timely manner and his fluency in English is so helpful for many in the expat community. I trust his judgement on all matters pertaining to real estate transactions as well as personal legal matters and gladly refer, friends and family to his law firm. "

-- Eric Yule (Black Sands Realty)

" Alan has been my lawyer for about a year and has helped me out with many issues in a very efficient and comforting manner. He definitely knows his stuff and is always available to answer any questions, which is very refreshing. He is also willing to travel to his clients to deal with their needs, which certainly takes a burden off. I would recommend Alan 100 percent. "

-- Elizabeth Ann Jick

" We have worked with Venture Law for over 5 years. They have guided me in property law and transfers, multiple immigration applications, labour disputes and other bureaucratic issues that arise when doing business in Costa Rica. In that time, I have found them responsive, professional and most importantly, competent. Unlike most Costa Rican lawyers I have experienced in the past, Venture Law understands the expectations of a North American client. They also know they have to not only earn your business, but maintain their high standard of service to retain you as a client. "

-- Colin Brownlee, CEO, Banana Group of Companies (Hotel Banana Azul, Villas Banana Verde, Caribe Fun Tours, ClickAss Marketing & CariPro Developments)

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Through several years of practice in the Costa Rican Administrative Law, our specialists have developed not only a complete comprehension but also keen understanding of the processes that take place in any governmental agency. This is what separates us from other law firms.

Through a complex networking system, Venture Legal is able to provide the clients with the most efficient and precise strategy.

As Costa Rica becomes a blossoming country in Latin and Central America so has its laws and regulations. Therefore, a clear and bulletproof strategy is indispensable in today’s competitive market. That is where Venture Legal can help your corporation have an advantage over the competition, our business plans provide consistent legal advice in both the near and long-term period. International commerce is also a fundamental point of our firm, being able to provide with simple transparent negotiations as well as executions.

From anywhere you see it, one of the first steps towards starting any form of business is to purchase or rent property and it is indispensable to have the best legal advice possible. At Venture Legal we understand the importance of this issue and weather your buying or selling we have the tools and experience you need in order to have a smooth transfer.

There is no doubt that since 1980’s Costa Rica has been a pioneer in developing laws that protect the employee. That is why it is extremely important to establish and determine the possibilities when hiring the personnel that is in charge of making your business grow.

Through our technical and legal orientation, your company will set off on the right foot to tackle down the day to day.   

Without a doubt, it’s more and more common to come across an Alternative Dispute Resolution clause in contracts. Its much more efficient and expedite process than a regular process in civil courtrooms. Due to this situation, it has become of great importance to Venture Legal to be able to provide our clients with the most professional assistance in this matters. This is why we will try to solve the dispute at hand with agile and proper negotiation as opposed to litigation, which will always be the second choice.

Being innovative has always been a fundamental part to any company. Originality and creativity are key to the growth of any business, that is why in the last years IP has grown exponentially. Bearing this idea in mind, Venture Legal will provide the best quality guidance when registering patents, licensing, trademarks and copyrights this way our clients can get the most out of their business.

Venture Legal serves to a wide range of individuals, partnerships, corporations, sole proprietorships, and joint ventures in all areas of litigation, including contract disputes, shareholder disputes, and professional liability. Our attorneys provide expert legal counsel on a variety of business issues, including formation, corporate structure, management, conversions and dissolutions, and advise clients regarding strategic partnerships, business plans and the procurement of financing.

Our firm will not only be in charge of effectively fulfilling the main goal of the required notary services, but we will also guide you through all the necessary steps needed to reach the objective. This way the client can be sure that the notary act will be achieved with the highest ethical standards.

Whether pursuing a citizenship or residency, the requirements and bureaucracy established by migration authorities can be overwhelming for foreigners who are unfamiliar with Costa Rican procedures. That is why our law firm will take all the necessary measures to ensure the clients their procedures are safe and complete thus enabling them to carry on with their everyday life.

Economic Criminal Law, especially in the areas of: business crime, transnational crimes, financial and tax crimes and fraud in general. In addition to creation, advice and management of crime prevention programs in the bosom or criminal compliance programs.

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